June 2022 Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

June 2022 Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

June 2022 Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

Published on: 05 Oct 2022


Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

June 2022 - Latest Recording HERE

Global Day of Parents

The Global Day of Parents is celebrated on the 1st of June every year. UN General Assembly proclaimed this day in 2012 by passing a resolution and honours parents for their relentless support, sacrifice and commitments towards their children.


LinkedIn add Dyslexia as a skill to their jobs section

LinkedIN review their employability skills to include Dyslexic Thinking. Sir Richard Branson has hailed LinkedIn's decision to recognise the term "Dyslexic Thinking" as a major step towards helping people feel proud of their neurodiversity.

The businessman and entrepreneur, 71, and global charity Made By Dyslexia have collaborated with the business-focused social network to recognise the term as a valuable skill.

The platform is now offering its members the chance to add it to their profiles, while online resource Dictionary.com has also said it will be adding "Dyslexic Thinking" as an official term.

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UAE Research break through on neurological markers for Autism, 2022

In a major breakthrough in research on causes of autism, a new study by researchers at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) has offered fresh insight into the understanding of potential structural changes in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) — a neurodevelopmental disorder that is usually diagnosed in early childhood and is thought to be largely caused by genetic factors.

In the study, MBRU researchers identified the role of neuronal and non-neuronal cell types in the development of ASD, based on data obtained from three brain regions of eight neurotypical human tissue donors to the Allen Brain Atlas — an integrated spatio-temporal portal for exploring the central nervous system, the university announced this year. Find out more HER

World Food Safety Day 7th June

World Food Safety Day is celebrated on 7 June to draw global attention to the consequences of contaminated food and water to health. Also, this day focuses on the way to reduce the risk of food poisoning. The safety of food is a key to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.


World Day against Child Labour 12th June

This day is launched by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to focus attention on the worldwide extinction of child labour, efforts and the action required to eliminate it. In 2015, world leaders adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in which they have included a clause to end child labour.

Emirati expert paves the way in research on Autism

According to the World Health Organization an estimated one in 160 children worldwide has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Based on these statistics, there is a need to better understand the unique genetic causes of Autism as well as the pattern of treatment sought by parents of children with the condition. Al Jalila Foundation invested in ‘A prospective study of UAE children with Autism Spectrum Disorder’ with leading expert Dr Ammar Albanna from Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital.

The pioneering study paved the way for future comprehensive studies that will assist in identifying the genetic underpinning of ASD which will have significant implications, including prevention, healthcare systems planning, and individualised treatment. Read more HERE



News from The Butterfly

The Exchange of Ma’an, The Authority of Social Contribution at Yas Mall


Research in accessibility: New definitions around Universal Design for Accessibility

A review of scholarly work indicates a shift in the definition of universal design.  Originally, the focus was placed on physical access to the built environment through design innovations that, while small in scale, resulted in significantly improved outcomes.  This has developed to a more contemporary vision that addresses issues of social justice across multiple strata.  This development is an indicator of the evolution of the field and has significant implications for those teaching universal design.  This article investigates the evolution of the definition of universal design, presenting each of the definitions in their historical context, presents the survey results of interior design educators’ perceptions of these definitions, and concludes with implications for universal design, particularly in the interior design discipline. Read more HERE

The Developing Child Centre host a range of workshops supporting the Inclusion Community

 Free resources on Inclusive Teaching from The British Council

Find a range of useful webinars, presentations, resources and articles relevant to the professional practice 'Adopting inclusive practices' from the British Council's CPD framework for teacher educators. HERE


Free Live Webinars in Education

Integrating Technology in the inclusive Classroom

June 28th


AI Foundations for Teachers

June 9th



EduTech Asia Driving digital assessment transformation beyond the pandemic

June 25th

Education UAE have some awesome articles in their current issue

No Pens Wednesday at Brighton Abu Dhabi highlights the importance of multiple options for expression or task completion in schools. Read about this interesting initiative and many more in the current issue.


Teach Middle East: Learning to Lead in Eduction

Top Tips of growing leadership skills HERE



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 Innovations in Research

Children with disabilities are at greater risk of social exclusion. In part, this results from the negative perceptions of disability held by their peers. An innovative, school-based project used creative music-making sessions facilitated by young disabled musicians to nurture more positive attitudes among students of determination. Read the paper HERE.

Education of Children with DisabilitiesThe

The Pandemic has been particularly severe. In projects across Ethiopia, Nepal, Qatar and Malawi researchers interviewed parents, carers and teachers to find out both how COVID-19 had affected these children’s education and how their participation might be sustained.

Who to follow this month

Thought leaders are those who excel in their profession and create and share content for educational and motivational purposes. Thought leaders within education generate motivation and create better pathways for learning, calling the very best from our schools and universities.

Farouk Day and educator of Johns Hopkins aims to close the gaps in outcomes, ambitions, and skills for all learners regardless of background or social capital. He believes that the best way to achieve this is to ensure that access to transformative experiences, meaningful connections, and resources does not require luck, personal networks, or navigational skills.


How to find quality apps for students in tech

How edTech can transform Literacy









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