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The Incluzun National SEN Awards

The Incluzun National SEN Awards by Incluzun in association with the Accessabilities Expo recognise practitioners for their outstanding work to ensure that People of Determination are supported on their journey and that they are empowered to successfully complete their education and gain meaningful employment.

The National Awards ceremony will be held at the Accessabilities Expo, World Trade Centre, Dubai, October 8th 2024

The nasen Awards

Submitting a nomination

Submissions close at 4PM GST on the 18th September

Join us this this year celebrating inclusion and submit a nomination today.

nasen Awards 2024 Categories

Incluzun National Award for SENDCo of the Year

The National Award for SENDCo of the year celebrates the dedication, expertise and impact of a SENDCO or Head of Inclusion who consistently strives to support Students of Determination. This individual has, in their role, consistently demonstrated professionalism, empathy and a deep commitment to their students. This individual stands out in making a real difference in the lives of their students, families and school community.

nasen Awards 2024 Sponsors

Incluzun The National LSA of the Year Award

The National LSA of the Year Award recognises an LSA who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting inclusiveness by creating a positive, supporting and accessible learning environment for their Student of Determination. Their unwavering belief in the importance of accessibility helps to remove barriers to learning and empowering their students.

Incluzun National Award Winners 2024

To be announced soon!

The nasen Awards

The Incluzun National Quality Standard

The Incluzun National Quality Standard is a framework to be completed and submitted every three years by current providers. All assessment for the Quality Standard is undertaken by current providers. We welcome applicants.

The nasen Awards