Mar inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Mar inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Mar inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Published on: 05 Oct 2022

Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

March 2022 - Latest Recording HERE

Supporting more able learners

You will have already discovered that all pupils need high levels of challenge on a daily basis, but this can sometimes be more difficult for the highest attainers – sometimes called ‘more able’ learners. Building a secure learning environment in which the teacher has high expectations and creates regular opportunities for stretch and challenge will lead to engaging learning for your highest attainers, the whole class, and for you. You should seek to challenge these ‘more able’ learners in an atmosphere where all learners are motivated to improve and challenge is the norm.

HERE is a step by step guide to building in challenge in your teacher toolkit!

Optimus Education: 4 Tips to develop highly effective LSAs

Learning support assistants (LSAs) provide valuable support to pupils with complex needs but their continuing professional development (CPD) is often overlooked. See how teachers and other professionals can work with them to develop the skills they need. Read the article HERE

UAE: New online survey for parents to help improve quality of life, wellbeing of students

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has urged parents in UAE to take part in the new online survey and share their opinions which will help in enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of the students.The MoE said it launched the questionnaire entitled “Activating the Role of the Parent in Enhancing the Quality of Life of the Student”, since the parent is the basic partner in developing the education system. Find out more HERE

 Indian Institutes of Technology look to open Middle East campuses

A 16-member committee comprising directors of seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and vice-chancellors of four central universities has been set up by the Indian government to prepare a roadmap for allowing overseas campuses of these varsities, including in the Gulf and the Middle East. Read more about this exciting news HERE.


Research in wellbeing: Toddlers are harsh judges!

 Over the past ten years, developmental psychologists have been astounded by the young age at which children appear to be aware of the moral qualities of others’ actions. At just four months, babies already react with surprise when others engage in unequal distribution of treats and resources. They also snub these unfair individuals in social interactions by the age of 24 months and expect others to do the same. Other forms of moral judgement may emerge even sooner: as early as 3 months of age, infants show distinct preferences for those who help, as opposed to hinder, others. Could this knowledge be used to improve our support and development for our younger learners? Read more HERE

Hope Probe: UAE marks one year since Emirates Mission reached Mars in historic feat

 One year on since the UAE reached Mars and etched its name in the record books as the first Arab country to achieve the daring feat, the mission continues to gather valuable data and share never-before-seen images with the world. Read all about this amazing feat HERE


Free TedEx Seminar - new normal

Our TED talks focus on topics around the general theme of New Normal or future normal?

The event will feature diverse speakers whose expertise across a range of disciplines aims to bring to the TEDx stage ideas that not only change their immediate environment but challenge future thinking.  Register HERE

Free Coding Webinar March 1st

Focused on children who want  to grow their skills and talents in coding - Register HERE

World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS) 2022  Abu Dhabi

This interesting conference looks at supporting people of determination and those who experience chronic pain or woulds. It is a free to all conference where insights into support and development are shared from medical and psychological experts. Find out more HERE.


Free webinar on Wellbeing for schools

This webinar discusses and shares the interventions that have been successfully adopted, both inside and outside the classroom, to help encourage mental health and wellbeing.

This awesome Webinar demonstrates usable and practical tips for supporting students of determination. Check it out HERE.

Expo - event - Women in Sports

Full-day event featuring international speakers focusing on how women’s sport connects the world, the benefits of hosting women’s sporting events, how sport for development programs benefit women and girls, and case studies of women’s leadership in sport from the region and globally. Hosted by Australia in collaboration with the Women's Pavilion. Register HERE.

Inclusive Practice Awareness Campaign - The Sunflower Lanyard

To take part in this amazing campaign (free of charge) click HERE

Free Live Webinars in Education

Safeguarding in a blended learning environment

March, 2022

This webinar will explore how adopting a blended learning approach will help you to implement a strategy that covers many different angles, while ensuring a key overarching principle of online safety. It will also look at the safety points you should consider to ensure your school community is safe online, recommended processes for your school leadership team to follow, practical strategies for the online learning environment and lesson preparation.

Creating a Remote Learning Culture

March, 2022

Hosted by Mark Trusson, this webinar looks at how to foster a learning culture which empowers students and parents to learn remotely. Discover strategies to engage and motivate parents to play an active role in their children’s learning and learn how you might set expectations of your students in order to provide boundaries when teaching remotely.





Education UAE have some awesome articles in their current issue

Read all about Revolutionizing the Education Sector




Teach Middle East: Meet the Principal

Insights from the perspectives of one of the UEA’s forward thinking and collaborative principles Mark Butler





Next Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum

 Innovations in Research

Storytelling is an essential component in language learning and acquisition but it has changed over time from early oral tradition to modern digital literacy. Although digital storytelling (DST) has become an important tool in language development inclusive and diverse stories are still underrepresented. The novelty of this article is that it reports the findings of a two-year research about the design and use of DST by 244 teacher candidates and their attitudes toward inclusiveness and diversity in Education.

Insider perspectives on catalysing the development and use of individualised education plans

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are ever-present in inclusive education and frequently used in settings where students with disabilities are included. This phenomenological qualitative study investigated the IEP development and implementation process.





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The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity


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