Feb Inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Feb Inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Feb Inclusion & Wellbeing Newsletter

Published on: 05 Oct 2022

Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum Newsletter

February 2022 - Latest Recording HERE

6 Ways to Communicate Better With Parents of Students With Learning Differences

During the pandemic, it’s been harder than ever to bridge the communication gap between families and schools, especially during remote learning. This article looks at how we can improve our communication and support families and students in a meaningful way.

Check it out HERE

UAE: Professor develops new Mars atlas with Hope Probe data

A professor at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has used the UAE's Hope Probe data to create a new atlas of Mars. Dr Dimitra Atri, a research scientist at the NYUAD Centre for Space Science, told Khaleej Times that the map aims to show how the Red Planet changes over time and across seasons. An interactive online version of the map will be released soon. Check out more HERE.




Procrastination Pain!

Research from the The British Psychological Society this month shows that far reaching deadlines lead to higher rates of procrastination, bringing a deadline to within a few days reduces procrastination significantly, do you find this to be the case? Read more HERE

Free Art Festival in Dubai

The festival will see live music, performances, food trucks, outdoor installations, contemporary art exhibitions, wellness and mindfulness, a midnight movie marathon and more, all of which are free and open to the public. Find out more HERE

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 January, 2022

NEOM - Educational Utopia

The astounding project in KSA continues to blow minds and blast education into the future - with monthly announcements of new plans, the futuristic city of NEOM being developed in Saudi Arabia is set to revolutionise not only education but city living and culture. This development is drawing on extensive research from around the globe to build a utopian city of the future, geared toward future economies and society with education at its core. Read more about it  HERE.


Free Art exhibition in  Abu Dhabi

The exhibition highlights important pieces by renowned artists such as Parviz Tanavoli, Fahrelnissa Zeid, and M.F. Husain, as well as works from their peers in this period around the 1960s.

Free webinar on Wellbeing for schools

Top Ten Tips to ensure effective SEND provision during lockdown

This awesome Webinar demonstrates usable and practical tips for supporting students of determination. Check it out HERE.

The Beautiful Game Launch in the UAE

The Beautiful Game” an International football exhibition is underway at Dubai Parks & Resorts for the coming months. This exhibition has memorabilia from some of the most important international players and teams (Pele, Maradona, CR7, Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic etc. with engagement activities for all ages. Click HERE to see more.

Readers of our newsletter can access special rates for tickets HERE


Expo - free event

Health & wellness Business Forum as part of the Programme for People and Planet Feb 1st Register HERE

Inclusive Practice Awareness Campaign - The Sunflower Lanyard

To take part in this amazing campaign (free of charge) click HERE

Free Live Webinars in Education

Best Practices for a Culturally Responsive Learning Community

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

Developing Essential Skills for College and Career Readiness: Are Your Students Ready for Their Next Steps?

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST

Education UAE have some awesome articles in their current issue

Read all about AI and Machine learning in schools and how they can positively impact student outcomes.

Teach Middle East offer educators the chance to Win A Luxury Weekend Break At The Tilal Liwa Resort in Abu Dhabi

Free webinar on Wellbeing for schools

Wellbeing is no longer a nice-to-have, it has become a mainstay of schools across the world for both staff and students. It can be linked to improvements in everything from exam performance to staff recruitment, so it’s little wonder SLTs are putting it at the top of their agenda.  Check out this webinar to find out how to embed wellbeing throughout your school HERE.

Next Inclusion & Wellbeing Forum

 Innovations in Research

Thirty-two preschool-aged children with and without ASD participated in the Buddy Game, a structured, cooperative play curriculum that focused on natural peer–peer modeling and imitation. The Buddy Game used familiar songs to promote peer proximity and discrete social bids between peers during outside time. A multiple baseline design across three classrooms was used to study curriculum effects on discrete social bids of children with ASD. Results demonstrated increased social bids from children with ASD to their peers with neurotypical development (NTD) across classrooms.

Towards inclusive education of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The impact of teachers’ autism-specific professional development on their confidence in their professional competences

This article presents the findings of a quantitative survey of teachers who attended CPD around Autism and how it impacted their teaching. The results showed that the training opportunity was considered by teachers to be important and effective. To find out about this training and the study click HERE.





Who to follow this month

Thought leaders are those who excel in their profession and create and share content for educational and motivational purposes. Thought leaders within education generate motivation and create better pathways for learning, calling the very best from our schools and universities.

This week we are following Jim Tudor, an expert in student engagement and educational advancement. His articles and posts are both informative and interesting.



50 Essential Resources for ESL Students


An English Pronunciation Guide for English-Language Learners






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